Tipping just got a whole lot easier

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What is Tippo?

The Tippo app gives you the power to seamlessly pay tips directly through your mobile device. No more frantically sifting through your pockets for singles, and finding out that your only carrying 20's or nothing! Just link up your credit card and use Tippo wherever it's accepted! All it takes are a few simple steps:

  • Signup with your credit card and your ready to go!
  • Find service professionals nearby or by scanning a Tippo card!
  • Leave a tip with a personalized message to say thank you!

Awesome Features

Never let the cash in your wallet hold you back

Secure Payments

All data is passed with 128 bit encryption and credit card information is only stored with our industry leading payment gateway provider. To further ensure a secure experience on the Tippo iOS App we provide a passcode lock feature which can also use TouchID.

Simple Transaction History

Before Tippo keeping track of tips was a cumbersome task. We make it easy with an intuitive interface that puts all of your transaction history in one place. We also email you a receipt after each transaction to suit all of your documentation needs.

Powerful communication

Tippo enables you to write a short message with each tip about your experience. You may send a kind thank you message that makes someones day a little better or provide some feedback which will ultimately benefit them, their organization, and other customers. Once your transaction is sent, in real time your service professional will know you tipped them and how much so you don't lose the experience of witnessing that smile come across their face.

Pricing and Features

Great for all parties involved

For Consumers


  • Find Service Professionals
  • Pay Tips
  • Leave Thank You Messages
  • Track Transactions

For Service Professionals

5% + 30¢ /transaction

  • Accept Payments
  • Track Transactions
  • Get Real Time Analytics
  • 24/7 Customer Service

For Employers


  • Access data analytics tools

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